RoboCoast is a hub of state and private schools operating on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

We deliver staff and student training days, visits and a range of fun robotics competitions such as RoboRave Australia.


Why robotics?

Our training is built on an active inquiry model. We know students thrive when they are are exposed to

challenges and friendly competition. We aim to ignite the creative and problem solving skills necessary for the jobs of tomorrow.

“Creativity will become one of the top three skills workers will need. Robots may help us get to where we want to be faster,

but they can’t be as creative as humans (yet).”


Teach the FUTURE

Making fun with robots on the Sunshine Coast

Introducing robot building and coding

Training staff & students

3D Draw and Print Day

RoboCoast would like to invite you to take part in an exciting opportunity to develop teacher’s skills in 3D drawing and 3D printing. On Tuesday March 17, 2020, our award winning Sunshine Coast robotics hub will hold an introduction PD day at St Andrew’s Anglican College, Peregian Springs.


RoboRAVE Rules Sumo Competition

In preparation for the upcoming RoboRAVE Tournament, Cooran State School will be hosting a Sumo competition on 21 March.


Noosa RoboRAVE Academy Day

Sunshine Coast Council, Noosa Council and Regional Development Australia (RDA) Sunshine Coast, along with their project partners have been awarded Advance Queensland Regional Innovation funding. The funding was collectively matched by over 30 Sunshine Coast organisations – providing over $1 million over three years to develop innovation and entrepreneurial activities across the region.


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